Your vision take shape with 3D photorealistic rendering in full color and as much detail as you want.

3D photo render

The technology is also called 3D photo realistic and photo-realistic rendering or simply 3D rendering.

3D Photorealistic Render Cost

We get into the details of a 3D rendering’s purpose and where you can have one produced. First, here is a 3D photorealistic rendering cost table and factors that affect price.

3D Render Type Standard Res High Res Rush order
Floor Plan $300-$1,100+ Add $25-$100 Add $50-$100
Interior $300-$1,100+ Add $25-$100 Add $50-$100
Exterior $435-$1,250+ Add $25-$100 Add $50-$100
Aerial $335-$1,400+ Add $25-$100 Add $50-$100
Product/Object $395-$1,500+ Add 10-20% Add $50-$100


These are broad price ranges. Here are the factors that determine what your price will be.

Size of the render: 3D photorealistic renders are often priced by size such as A4 (8.5×11.5), A3 (11.5×16.5), A2 (16.5×23.5), vehicle logo size and larger.

Complexity of the drawing: The more objects in the render and the greater the detail required, the higher the cost will be.

Residential or commercial: Expect to pay 35% to 50% more for commercial projects due to the greater complexity and detail of, for example, an office building or hotel compared with a single-family home.

Architect vs. 3D render specialist: Architects and design engineers can produce these renders, but expect to pay at the top of the spectrum or beyond for them. That’s why we’ve placed a plus sign in each cost range.

Your other option is to work with an experienced online drafting service with a good reputation. Most use the same equipment to produce the 3D designs and rendered site plans at a much lower cost. The results are indistinguishable.

Purposes for 3D Photorealistic Renders

Among the many uses of 3D renders are:

Architecture and Design: New residential and commercial buildings and the renovation of existing ones are planned. Every aspect of design including windows, roofing, siding and the layout and dimensions of the space can be explored and changed to meet your requirements. These changes are very costly or impossible once construction begins.

Property Marketing: 3D renders showcase residential, commercial, industrial and retail space to potential buyers and clients before it is built or completed.

Property Remodeling: 3D renders are used by contractors to show clients the possibilities for remodeling a kitchen, bath, suite, garage conversion or finished basement.  

Landscape Design: The same techniques are used to show homeowners and property managers how the landscape outside can be modified with trees and shrubs, green space, gardens, walking paths, a deck or patio, pond and any other component the client desires.

Guest, Patient, Visitor and Client Information: Hotels and resorts, medical facilities, malls, educational buildings and campuses, athletic complexes, places of worship, casinos and a long list of other venues use 3D renders to improve users’ experience and safety. In short, you see them everywhere you go.

Fundraising: When funds are being raised for new buildings and grounds or renovations, 3D exterior, interior and floorplan renderings visually inspire donors by allowing them to see what their money can bring to reality.

Prototyping: Developing 3D images as a first step can dramatically reduce the timeline for product development. In this phase, practical and aesthetic modifications are quickly and affordably made. The cost of changes goes up significantly and delays occur once production begins.

How to Get Your 3D Photorealistic Render

As noted in the cost factor section, you have two basic options for your project. If you think you’ll get better results working with a local architect or designer, that route should be explored. Browse their portfolio and get estimates. You might also get sticker shock when you see the pricing.

Your second option is to save money, work with a company specializing in 3D renders and get professional quality and accuracy that are guaranteed. Contact 24hPlans to discuss your project, get a free price estimate and have your 3D render completed on time.

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