A visual representation of a home, commercial property or development is a critical piece of a complete marketing package. It allows potential buyers and lessees to see what’s taking shape before it is completed or to keep new and existing properties fresh in mind as they browse their other options.

These drawings are called real estate marketing plans, a type of site plan designed to show to best advantage the property you are promoting.

Why Get a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

A real estate marketing plan, both printed and digital, promotes your property:

  • At open houses
  • In online and print media
  • On signage onsite and in sales offices
  • In email marketing and social media
  • In one-to-one presentations and showings
  • As part of a complete residential or commercial marketing package

Real Estate Marketing Plan Options and Costs

This table lists the types available and their costs. Details about each are below along with factors that affect cost.
Plan Type Cost

Custom Design: $250-$850

2D Floor Plans: $295-$900

Site Plan Rendering: $300-$1,100

3D Photorealistic: $300-$1,800+

Custom Design: This is a broad category of plans. Enhanced surveys are a common type of custom design, a drawing with a directional arrow that shows the boundaries of the entire development and of each parcel within it. This gives buyers the opportunity to see the big picture and explore lots that might meet their requirements.

These custom designed marketing plans are ideal for promoting subdivisions, small developments with mixed parcel sizes, industrial/commercial parks, and even mobile home communities and campgrounds.

You choose the details you want presented in a custom design. Options include parcel numbers, lot lines, dimensions and acreage for each parcel. Streets, cul-de-sacs, easements, retaining ponds, slope/topography and other physical features are included.

Many marketing packages include more than one custom design to represent various features that would clutter a single design if all were included.

2D Floor Plans: These plans take the viewer inside to view the layout of the space they are considering. The renderings depict an entire floor or a more localized suite, apartment, wing or similar.

2D floor plans are used for marketing office space, condominiums, senior/assisted living facilities, homes, single-unit and multi-unit dwellings, workout facilities, banquet and convention facilities – any space you want to promote for sale, lease, rent or membership.

Site Plan Rendering: These colorful drawings depict buildings and the surrounding property. Most include landscape such as trees and green space, 3D terrain and physical features like parking areas, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools and playscapes. Details such as building unit numbers and parking spaces can be shown.

Site plan renderings are used to market apartments, office space, condos, time shares, resorts and other commercial developments.

3D Photorealistic Rendering: You can take your marketing presentation to the next level with 3D rendering. See our post on 3D Photorealistic Renders for complete details.

Factors that Affect Real Estate Marketing Plan Drawing Cost

The ranges given in the table are broad. Your cost will be based on these factors:

Who completes the work:This is the largest factor in how much you’ll pay. Architects and engineers charge prices at the top of the price range. You’re paying not just for the drawing, but the professional’s overhead such as office space, employee wages and costs and perhaps hefty student loan payments.

The other option is to work with an online drafting service that creates real estate marketing plan drawings all day, every day. They use the same equipment and software to produce drawings with quality on par with what you might pay two or three times more to get from an engineer or architect.

Size of the drawing: Common sizes are A4 (8.5×11.5), A3 (11.5×16.5), A2 (16.5×23.5) and larger. Smaller sizes are ideal for handouts. Larger sizes are used for wall or easel displays and presentations to large audience. Most can be used for digital presentations like Power Point too.

Complexity: The more objects and the greater detail needed, the higher the cost might be. Most residential, single-family drawings are priced near the low end of the spectrum. Commercial real estate marketing plans often cost more.

Having your Real Estate Marketing Plan Completed

If you’ve worked with an architect or engineer in the past that produced fast turnaround and excellent drawings at reasonable cost, that might be a good option.

However, if you’d like the opportunity to save money and work with a professional that specializes in real estate plans, please consider contacting 24hPlans for a price estimate, quick work and quality that is guaranteed.

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