Architectural Site Plans vs. Static Plot Plans

There are many types of site plans, also called plot plans, with varying levels of detail. They can depict a single-family residence (SFR), a neighborhood or a multi-family dwelling such as condos or an apartment complex. This guide explains the difference between two common types of site plans: Static: A plot plan representing property as it is, without regard to future changes. This type of plan is like a map. Changing: A site plan showing both the current state of the property and proposed amendments to it. This type is often called an architectural site plan. […]

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Home Floor Plan Change Costs: Kitchen Extension, New Bathroom

If your home’s layout doesn’t meet your needs, you’ve got two good options besides moving. You can change the floor plan by remodeling the space. The second choice is creating more room with an addition. Remodeling vs. a home addition is explored throughout this guide. […]

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Home Floor Plan Extension Permits and Site Plans for Building Out

Adding living space to your home by expanding its footprint is an exciting project. But to get it done, a list of potential hurdles and obstacles must be negotiated. Here’s a step by step process and what to expect: Getting Permits: What it Takes You’ll need multiple permits for your project, as you surely know. The process begins with an application. Your local officials want to know how you intend to alter your home and whether it meets local requirements such as: […]

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New Driveway Site Plans, Permits, Easements, Costs and Planning Steps

Planning a new driveway is a more complex project than many homeowners expect. New Driveway Construction Site Plan example via Calvino Architects This driveway planning guide explains how to get a driveway permit, select the best driveway for your home and find a qualified contractor to install it. Note: If your property is part of a homeowner’s association, or HOA, find out what type driveways are permissible in your neighborhood. […]

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10 Steps to Planning a Successful Home Construction Project

Building a home, even if you never swing a hammer, is a daunting task. But like a journey of a thousand miles, it begins with a single step. In fact, there are just 10 steps to building a home. Breaking down the process will prevent being overwhelmed by the whole. Not all these of steps apply in every case, so your journey might be a little shorter and less expensive. […]

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Water Well Drilling: Site Plans and Permits – What to Expect?

This guide will walk you through getting the necessary approvals and drafting a site plan for obtaining a permit to drill a well. Residential Well Drilling Site Plan Example Water well costs are included for site evaluations, permits, drilling and connecting the well to a home or building. There’s a table of costs at the end of the guide. Application for a Well: County or State? An application must first be filed. If it is approved, you’ll be allowed a permit. In parts of the country, often where ground water is plentiful, your county government is the place to apply for a well drilling permit. Where water is scarce, application to the state might be required. For example, the Arizona Department of Water Resources, “regulates all groundwater wells in Arizona. Prior to drilling a new well, or deepening or modifying an existing well, a person must file a Notice of Intent to Drill with the Department.” As you’d expect, there’s an application fee of $100 or $150 based on the proposed well’s location. In Arizona, your local office might require an additional fee. Check your county’s Building Department or Health Department website or office to discover whether the well permit process begins at the county or state level. Even if you must apply to the state, the county office should handle the paperwork required. Gathering Information for the Application This Application for a Well Permit from Trinity County, CA shows the type of information you might be expected to provide. Others, like this one from Solano County, CA include contractor information about workers’ compensation and certification of code compliance. In such cases, it is best to have the well drilling contractor apply for the well permit. […]

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Rendered Site Plan Cost: Licensed Survey vs. Online Plot Plans

A site plan is also called a plot plan or conceptual plan. It provides a view from above to show proposed initial or additional development to a property. They’re prepared digitally and can be shared in that form or printed for display. This guide to site plans answers questions about the purpose of a site plan, where to get a site plan and their costs based on who prepares the drawing. […]

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Top 12 Things to Include in your Plot Plan

Plot plans are used for zoning, permitting, marketing, real estate transactions, and informational purposes, and details included in a plot plan will differ based on the intended use. That said, all plot plans aka site plans should include these 12 essential features: Property Boundaries Property lines with dimensions give the viewer an understanding of the scope of the plot including its shape and size. Without them, plots of 1 acre and 10 acres might be indistinguishable when both are shown in 11”x17” plot plan drawings. Of course, these lines and dimensions are required when your plot plan is used to obtain approval and permits or for legal purposes.   […]

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Real Estate Marketing Plans Cost – Do You Need a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

A visual representation of a home, commercial property or development is a critical piece of a complete marketing package. It allows potential buyers and lessees to see what’s taking shape before it is completed or to keep new and existing properties fresh in mind as they browse their other options. These drawings are called real estate marketing plans, a type of site plan designed to show to best advantage the property you are promoting. Why Get a Real Estate Marketing Plan? A real estate marketing plan, both printed and digital, promotes your property: At open houses In online and print media On signage onsite and in sales offices In email marketing and social media In one-to-one presentations and showings As part of a complete residential or commercial marketing package […]

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Custom Floor Plan Cost: 2D and 3D Floor Plans

Floor plans are produced before a home or building is constructed or when major renovations are planned. This guide discusses the purpose of a floor plan, where to have them produced and floor plan cost. What is a Floor Plan? A floor plan is a visual representation, drawn from above, to show a single floor layout in a home or commercial building. It is drawn to scale, such as 1:48 (1/4” = 1 ft.) or 1:24 (1/2” = 1 ft.) for precise planning of the layout and to understand furnishing size limitations. 3D Floor Plan Photo Render […]

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