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Do not hire an expensive Surveyor
unless you absolutely have to!

  • You want to make some improvements to your property, install a pool or build a garage and your city requires for you to submit a site plan along with your documentation?
  • Most cities don’t require elaborate plans for these type of permits. If they don’t require a signed and sealed site plan, why pay over $1,200 hiring a land surveyor? The non-certified site plans that we provide are accepted by most townships.
  • We use the county parcel maps, tax information, GIS and updated satellite images, along with other public records in order to make professional site plans, without visiting you site. This means more time for you and less hassle.
  • Our competitors charge for the same service around $130/hr, while we provide you the three typical site plans at flat rate, below $130. This is all due to our highly skilled and experienced designers.

These days, time is of the essence for everyone. As we are coming to your aid, we pledge we will have your site plan ready in less than 24 hours (working days), at no extra charge.


Site Plans for Building
Permit Applications

Our site plans work for (but not limited to):

  • Building a porch, a shed, a garage or a house
  • Demolition Permits
  • Tree Removal Permits
  • Swimming Pool Installing And Removal Permits
  • Exterior Home Renovation Permits

You’re not sure which site plan you need for your project?

Send us an email and we’ll help you determine that before making any financial commitment.

Design packages comparison chart

Simple Design Medium Design Complex Design
Property linescustom-table-item1 custom-tick custom-tick custom-tick
Lot lines dimensions custom-tick custom-tick custom-tick
Structurescustom-table-item3 custom-tick custom-tick custom-tick
Dimensions between structures and lot linescustom-table-item4 custom-tick custom-tick custom-tick
North arrowcustom-table-item5 custom-tick custom-tick custom-tick
Graphical Scalecustom-table-item6 custom-tick custom-tick custom-tick
Treescustom-table-item7 custom-tick custom-tick
Swimming poolcustom-table-item8 custom-tick custom-tick
Drivewaycustom-table-item9 custom-tick custom-tick
Pathwayscustom-table-item10 custom-tick custom-tick
Landscapecustom-table-item11 custom-tick
Shrubscustom-table-item12 custom-tick
Lawncustom-table-item13 custom-tick
Minimum Setbacks Required (upon request)custom-table-item14 custom-bullet
Property and owner information (upon request)custom-table-item15 custom-bullet

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Other Applications For Our Site Plans

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