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Top 20 Landscape Architecture Designs and Costs

By | February 23rd, 2018|Design, Landscape Architecture|

Are you planning on selling your house in the near future and are worrying about not getting a fair price? If that’s the case, you should start considering some creative staging ideas. A surefire way to improve the curb appeal of your house is to add some “make-up” to your yard. 😉 Now, what if you are not interested in selling? Well, you are about to find 20 landscape designs that will make your neighbors jealous of how good your home and your backyard look! […]

Top 20 Greenhouse Designs and Costs

By | February 22nd, 2018|Design, Landscape Architecture|

Growing your own vegetables becomes more and more popular nowadays considering all the people who are against GMOs. Setting up a greenhouse can often be done by a handy DIY homeowner. Having a greenhouse in your own backyard (or anywhere else on your property or ranch) will allow you to grow your own food and thus make you and your family less dependent on traditional food supply approaches such as going to the supermarket for fresh groceries. […]

Landscape Architecture Site Planning and Permitting Requirements

By | January 17th, 2018|Landscape Architecture|

A smart landscape design transforms a dull lot into an extraordinary setting you’ll love. However, before the first shovel full of dirt is turned, you’ve got to get a permit from your community. Your HOA might want to approve the project too. This post guides you through the process, so you’ll stay out of trouble with the local “powers that be” and ensure your project is the success you planned. Step 1: Develop a Site Plan The local planning/development/building department wants to know the current lay of the land before it approves changes. That’s the purpose of a site plan. A site plan is a scale drawing of your property that shows all the important features: North arrow Property lines Lot line dimensions Dimensions between structures Graphical scale showing the scale ratio of the drawing Trees […]

Top 20 Residential Landscape Architecture Projects – Landscape Design Ideas

By | May 6th, 2017|Landscape Architecture|

A beautifully-done landscape design can help improve the curb appeal of your home and ultimately make you feel better whenever you step outside. Let’s review the top 20 residential landscapes designed by pros with many years of experience in landscape architecture. Cherry Hills landscape design Image via Designscapes Colorado Born out of the owner’s dream of sipping tea in a gazebo by an outdoor fireplace, this landscape shows how important lighting is for setting the mood. From the moment you enter the yard at dusk, the light invites you to discover the beautiful details of the landscape. The brick walls of the fireplace (you can see it to the right side of the picture) create a cozy and rustic environment. The plants were chosen to look warm and colorful when light shines on them. In daylight, the landscape is dominated by a powerful green color that suggests vitality and tranquility at the same time. The cushion covered seats in the gazebo offer you the perfect place to admire the view. Woodland garden with forest floor Image via Garden Design This landscape was designed to mimic a deep forest glen. You can see both larger trees that make shade as well as smaller ones, such as Japanese maples, eastern redbuds, rhododendrons and ferns. The oval stones create a path that doesn’t seem to lead anywhere but it makes you think of fairytales where characters start amazing journeys by following a road just like this one. The bench is there for when you want to just sit and admire the sky, the greens that surround you and to enjoy the quiet of this small piece of heaven. The place will always be cool even when the “outside world” will simmer under the hot sun and you have to thank the tall trees for providing the shade. 😉 […]

Landscape Architecture & Design Cost, Plus Landscaping Costs

By | May 2nd, 2017|Landscape Architecture, Landscaping Costs|

On your property, there is your home and other buildings such as a garage, shed, etc. And then there is everything else, which is what landscaping architecture and design are concerned with. Landscaping improvement entails any alteration to the observable land features on your property. While the focus may be on gardening, sod, and natural elements, landscaping also entails managing water drainage, adding human made features and sprucing up your yard with light, or even sound. 😉 Note: Landscaping varies by regional understandings of local topography, such as soil quality, prevailing winds and depth of the frost line. For any comprehensive landscaping project, it is recommended to have a landscape designer or expert visit your property to advise on matters not just on layout, but on topography. — All this aims to establish a character for your property that extends beyond your home, as is visible to a visitor or passerby. Where To Start and How Much will Landscaping Design Cost? A landscape designer can be expensive, costing on average $4,200 to create a detailed plan for comprehensive changes to your property. […]

Top 20 Pergola Designs, Plus their Costs – DIY Home Improvement Ideas

By | May 1st, 2017|Landscape Architecture, Remodeling Ideas|

First and foremost, what is a pergola? Briefly, a pergola is an outdoor, open-frame structure commonly used as a stylish outdoor room providing privacy and elegant space for relaxation. A classy pergola can also add an extra spark of beauty, while integrating tastefully with the landscape architecture of your home. A pergola can stand on its own, as well as be a part of a deck or patio setup. via Cederberg Kitchens Most commonly made of wood, pergolas can also be built out of metal or a combination of two of the following materials: stone, wood, metal. The frame consists in posts that hold a roof or an arch. Vines can be grown on this frame. The pergola is meant to offer shade and privacy or to simply embellish an otherwise dull landscape design. Most pergola designs don’t require a building permit, but if you are planning on implementing a complex design that involves many changes to your property, you should contact the relevant authorities or your local city hall’s building board to find out if you are required to apply for one.  Now, let us present 20 of the most beautiful and interesting pergolas designed by talented minds. Via Home Improvement Pages This is an attached wooden pergola that offers both shade and a place to grow vines. The posts are very slim and are not meant to fully support the roof because this role is taken by the house wall. Pressure-treated pine and cedar are great choices for a pergola. They are treated with a copper based pesticide that prevents it from rotting and repels insects. Besides, it’s considerably cheaper than other types of wood. The only problem is that the treatment leaves little indentations in the wood that are visible upon painting or staining. You can find pressure treated lumber for as little as $5 per sq. ft. It all depends on the wood type you want to use. For example, ipe costs $23 per sq. ft. whereas redwood is a lot cheaper: only $8 per sq. ft. Via Home Improvement Pages It’s important to note that in many cases it may be necessary to provide a site plan to obtain various home building permits from your city hall or township. You can turn to 24h Plans to get a custom site plan drawing prepared for your dream home in less than 24h hours by our team of experienced architects and drafters. Use the promotion code: 24hplans-20off to get a 20% discount off any package. — Please note this is a limited time offer, exclusive to the readers of our blog. This offer is not being advertised anywhere else. […]

Top 15 Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Their Costs

By | June 4th, 2016|Landscape Architecture, Remodeling Ideas|

If you cook often at home, you probably dread the heat that’s coming because you know you will be on the verge of suffocating whenever you cook indoors (which probably is every couple of days). Windows won’t help you much because it’s so hot outside. So, what can you do about this problem? Well, you can cook outside. The steam will dissipate thus giving you the chance to breath some fresh air. But what if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen?  Let’s build one, then! 😉 Besides, summer is already here and it’s the perfect time to grill and spend time outside. You are about to delight your eyes with 15 beautiful and fully functional outdoor kitchen designs that should get your imagination going. We will also present the approximate costs that go into building these kitchens. Outdoor kitchens can cost anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to $100,000. The main costs involved in building such projects revolve around the following: design work that starts at $400. shade structures appliances landscape lighting in and around the kitchen patio installation the framework of the kitchen utility requirements like drains, electrical lines and natural gas piping. Unless you have experience or incredible talent to design outdoor kitchens with surrounding landscape, you should definitely turn to a professional designer. You will most likely need a permit to make these changes to your property and in order to obtain it, you have to submit a site plan. If you want experienced men to draft your site plan, rest assured that the team at will get the job done in no time so that you can carry on with your home improvement project. They have affordable prices as well, but don’t take my word for it. Visit the site to see for yourself. […]