Water Well Drilling: Site Plans and Permits – What to Expect?

By | July 31st, 2018|Plot Plans, Water Well Drilling Permits|

This guide will walk you through getting the necessary approvals and drafting a site plan for obtaining a permit to drill a well. Residential Well Drilling Site Plan Example Water well costs are included for site evaluations, permits, drilling and connecting the well to a home or building. There’s a table of costs at the end of the guide. Application for a Well: County or State? An application must first be filed. If it is approved, you’ll be allowed a permit. In parts of the country, often where ground water is plentiful, your county government is the place to apply for a well drilling permit. Where water is scarce, application to the state might be required. For example, the Arizona Department of Water Resources, “regulates all groundwater wells in Arizona. Prior to drilling a new well, or deepening or modifying an existing well, a person must file a Notice of Intent to Drill with the Department.” As you’d expect, there’s an application fee of $100 or $150 based on the proposed well’s location. In Arizona, your local office might require an additional fee. Check your county’s Building Department or Health Department website or office to discover whether the well permit process begins at the county or state level. Even if you must apply to the state, the county office should handle the paperwork required. Gathering Information for the Application This Application for a Well Permit from Trinity County, CA shows the type of information you might be expected to provide. Others, like this one from Solano County, CA include contractor information about workers’ compensation and certification of code compliance. In such cases, it is best to have the well drilling contractor apply for the well permit. […]