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Top 20 Shipping Container Home Designs and their Costs 2018

By | May 9th, 2018|Architecture, Home Designs, Shipping Container Homes|

There is a hot new trend: shipping container homes. Basically, you modify and re-purpose used shipping containers and stick them together to build a house. Architects, designers and builders have actually found a way to transform big boxes of steel into beautiful and fully-functional homes. With proper planning, you can endeavor to design and build a luxurious house for half the price of a “normal” house. 🙂 Let’s talk a bit about the costs of building a shipping container house. Base cost to build per container: There are two standard sizes for shipping containers: 20 x 8 x 8 ft. covering a surface of 160 sq. ft. and 40 x 8 x 8 with a surface of 320 sq. ft. A used 20-footer costs anywhere between $1,400 and $2,800, whereas a 40-footer costs $3,500 – $4,500. You will also have to pay for labor (about $50-$150 per hour) and for the modifications needed to make the container livable. Expect to pay at least $10,000 for labor, more likely $15,000. There are prefabricated shipping container houses sold for as little as $15,000. A big and luxurious house made of shipping containers can cost more than $200,000, but this is one half of the price of a regular construction that has the same size. Green Home Via Digital Trends With a surface of 2,000 sq. ft., this house combines the industrial design on the outside with a walnut finish on the inside. The floors are made of concrete and the dual-pane aluminum windows provide natural light all year round. The house has 5 separate decks to enjoy the sun while eating outside, tanning or simply standing still to enjoy the view. You would probably have to pay about $150,000-$200,000 (estimated) for a metal container house this big. Compared to the $300K required to build a normal house with the same dimension. We think metal containers sound quite attractive at this point. 😉 Container Guesthouse Via Digital Trends The costs to build this 1,000 sq. ft. house rise up to $40,000 – $80,000 (estimated). They used 2 x 40 ft. containers and added large windows to make the house look very spacious. This will get your mind off the fact that it’s made of metal containers. Although you can’t tell from this picture, the house is located near a 2-million people city: San Jose, Costa Rica. This is a great way to build the house of your dreams without burying yourself in debt. Any young married couple who bought a house agrees their life became a lot more difficult after getting a loan of $300K+, so why would you do the same when there is a more affordable way? You have to be open minded though about the whole shipping containers idea. Green and black containers house Via Digital Trends Located in France, this house measures 1,119 sq. ft. and is made of two metal containers positioned on top of each other. Maybe you don’t like the green color, but this is not a reason to dislike this design. Remember that you are free to paint it in whatever color you want. Besides, you have to appreciate the desire of architects to make the construction look as if it defies the laws of physics. Inside, you will see the house looks like any other one: wooden floor, white walls, and a comfortable sofa in the living room. If you go upstairs you will find the bedroom that has a door (or window, you can’t tell for sure from the picture) that leads to the top of the first container. You can put grass there or add a chaise lounge to get a tan during hot summer days. PV14 house Via PV14 house Here’s what a guy from Dallas, Texas, managed to build; an impressive house comprised of 14 steel shipping containers designed and built for around $350,000 – $490,000 (estimated total cost to build). It has an impressive surface of 3,700 sq. ft., featuring 3 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a garage large enough to fit 2 cars, and a roof deck. There is also a study that the owner (who is an architect) probably uses for late night work. You must admit that the design is innovative. You can barely tell the walls are made of metal. On the other hand, your bank account would definitely tell if you were to build a regular 3,700 sq. ft. house with pool. PV14 House interior by Wade Griffith Photography […]

Top 15 Home Design & Interior Decor Upgrades, Plus Costs

By | February 16th, 2018|Design, Home Designs, House Design, Remodeling Ideas|

Having a modern, cozy, comfortable, and beautifully-designed home is a dream of many Americans. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them! So, if you would like some ideas on how to transform your home in terms of interior design, decor, and exterior remodeling upgrades into something that you love seeing and enjoying every day, then this is your lucky day, because we’re going to present the top 15 home design, decor, and improvement ideas and remodeling upgrades, along with the expected costs of these home improvements, whether you hire a pro or choose to go the DIY route. Outdoor fabric used indoors Image via Dermavalife If you are feeling a bit nostalgic about the summer being over so fast, you can bring some of it into your own home by choosing outdoor fabric for your indoor furniture. The line between fabrics made for outdoors and those for indoors is slowly fading away as more and more people choose the so called indoor-outdoor fabric made of synthetic materials like acrylic and polyolefin. This year’s interior design trends allow you to display woven fabric and prints in your own living room. Colors are a matter of taste. You are free to choose bold colors like red and orange or more neutral shades like beige and light blue. Prints and patterns are quite popular for armchairs, sofas, pet beds and even sheers. Speaking of sheers, the conventional types made of polyester tend to become yellowish and break down after prolonged sun exposure. Outdoor fabric on the other hand is fade resistant and easy to clean. As for prices, a furniture set comprising a polyester sofa, a wooden coffee table and a lovely painting is sold for $600 on eBay. This is just an example of what you find through a simple Google search. […]

Top 20 Tiny Home Designs and their Costs – Smart Green Living Ideas

By | December 6th, 2016|Architecture, Design, Energy Efficient Homes, Green Home Ideas, Home Designs, House Design, Tiny Houses|

If you don't want or can’t afford a brand spanking new, five bedroom home that occupies 4,000 sq. ft., don’t despair! ;) There’s still a chance for you to live the American dream! Let us present the top 20 professionally designed tiny houses. It’s true that a family of four will probably have some problems [...]

Top 15 Custom Homes, Plus their Design and Decor Elements, and Costs

By | November 21st, 2016|Architecture, Design, Home Designs, House Design|

Custom homes allow consumers to control everything from size to layout and interior design. In most cases, the buyer already owns a land lot on which the house will be built. It’s important that the architect sees the lot or at least a site plan before starting the design process. Expect to meet with him several times, because good communication between the architect and the buyer is the key for a successful collaboration. If your dream is to have a one-of-a-kind house, you have no other choice but to get a custom made home plan. You will have to pay an architect to design your plan, and then contract a builder to actually build the house. You could look for professional home builders that offer both design and build services in order to simplify the whole process. When asked “how do you want your house to look like?”, many people lack the words to enunciate their desires or they don’t even have a specific image in mind. We are going to jog your imagination by presenting 15 models of custom built home. The trend is for custom builders to build high-end homes but you will find decent companies who will take a project estimated at less than $1 million. All of the following designs can be built with that sum or less. The construction cost of a custom home ranges between $200 and $400 per sq. ft. depending on multiple factors such as the average price in that area, the quality of the materials, specific design requests that are tricky to build etc. The cost of hiring an architect to make the plan of the house ranges between $0.75 (western Texas) and $3.5 (southern California) per sq. ft. depending on what state you live in. Other factors that affect the price of hiring an architect relate to his experience. Architects can charge an hourly fee or a percentage of the value of a project (5-15%). An intern architect with 3-5 years of experience charges around $65 per hour whereas a project manager with more than 10 years of experience charges close to $100 per hour. Acacia Avenue Custom Home Image via Patterson Custom Homes What better way to start the list than with a contemporary design? Built in the Corona del Mar neighborhood of Newport Beach, this custom home has 2 levels above ground, one of which is represented by the roof deck that was beautifully decorated for the taste of anyone who enjoys modern designs. This compensates for the small are of green space in front of the house, thus making it perfect for small land lots or neighborhoods where houses are tightly packed. The big windows play a major role in this design that’s mainly comprised of straight long lines. This rectangular appearance is sweetened by curvy interior elements. If you take a look inside, you will notice the central concept of openness alongside more transparent glass surfaces. It’s important to note that in many cases it may be necessary to provide a site plan to obtain various home building permits from your city hall or township. You can turn to 24h Plans to get a custom site plan drawing prepared for your dream home in less than 24 hours by our team of experienced architects and drafters. Use the promotion code: 24hplans-20off to get a 20% discount off any package. — Please note this is a limited time offer, exclusive to the readers of our blog. This offer is not being advertised anywhere else. […]

Top 15 Energy Efficient Homes and Eco-Friendly Home Design Elements – Green DIY Home Design Ideas Illustrated!

By | August 2nd, 2016|Architecture, Energy Efficient Homes, Green Home Ideas, Home Designs, House Design|

Most people don’t think about energy efficiency, Eco-friendliness, or environmental considerations when buying or designing and building the house of their dreams. Perhaps this happens due to a general lack of knowledge and understanding of the many great benefits of green home design, budget worries, or other factors. Regardless, making your house more energy efficient and Eco-friendly can bring us one step further to preserving the beauties of this Earth, while also enjoying some hefty benefits of superior energy efficiency and tangible cost savings from reduced utility bills. 😉 Going green comes with a price, though. Energy efficiency upgrades are not cheap, but you will recover your money in the long-term considering you will no longer be paying electricity bills. We are going to present 15 energy efficient house designs to give you a starting point in your quest for making your home more Eco-friendly and energy efficient! 🙂 If you are planning to design and build your very own Green-inspired, Eco-friendly home, then it’s important to note that in many cases it may be necessary to provide a site plan to obtain various home building permits from your city hall or township. You can turn to 24h Plans to get a custom site plan drawing prepared for your dream home in less than 24 hours by our team of experienced architects and drafters. Use our promotion code: 24hplans-20off to get a 20% discount off any package. — Please note this is a limited time offer, exclusive to the readers of our blog. This offer is not being advertised anywhere else. WaterShed Maryland House Via Inhabitat The purpose of the University of Maryland was to design a house that does not depend on fossil fuels like the majority of houses in the US do. Waste water from the washing machine, dishwasher and shower is recycled and filtered. Moreover, rain water is not wasted because there is a special harvesting system that collects and filters it. There is a liquid desiccant waterfall that not only looks great, but also ensures the right humidity control. PV solar panels provide more electricity than needed, so the excess energy is stored for later use. The house has a high-end system that monitors and controls several parameters to ensure a high level of comfort: temperature, lighting, and humidity level. DesertSol Las Vegas House Via Inhabitat The University of Nevada Las Vegas built an ultra-efficient house that uses solar energy (there’s plenty of that, obviously) and preserves water. It’s named DesertSol because it is designed to withstand desert weather. The 30 PV solar panels generate enough energy to ensure cooling, heating, LED lighting and the well functioning of the common appliances you find in a regular house. Rainwater and humidity is collected to be used for cooling and irrigation. The hydronic radiant floor heating system uses water for heat transfer because it is 20 times more efficient than air. The house was awarded the LEED Platinum certification for green building. The High Sierra Cabin Via House Plans Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, this house measures 1015 sq. ft. and has 2 bedrooms. One of the main things that makes it energy efficient is the fact that the walls are made of SIPs (structural insulated panels). The costs are about the same as building with wood, so there is no financial reason for not choosing SIPs. They are prefabricated and shipped to be assembled on site.  SIPs are perfect for areas with heavy snowing and strong winds, insulating the interior tightly thus reducing heating costs. Besides, the house has clearstory windows and vent skylights to make the use of as much natural light as possible.  Supposedly, there are also photovoltaic solar panels installed on the ribbed metal roof (not shown from the angle the picture is taken). Notably though, according to metalroofing.systems, a standing seam metal roof would have been a better choice than a ribber system for the mounting of PV solar panels, given how easy it is to install a PV solar power system over standing seam panels when employing an S-5 bracketing system. — In addition to the panels, there is also a battery storage system (not shown in the picture) hooked to the PV solar power system to enable storage and use of any excess electricity, even during night-time. The Jungle Shelter Via House Plans Here’s a smaller house of only 384 sq. ft. and 1 bedroom. The plan costs a bit over $1,200. Designed to resist in tropical climates with frequent rains and high levels of humidity, the exterior walls are made of studs with spray foam insulation while the roof has 6-inch thick rigid foam board insulation. The house has a rainwater harvesting system that allows you to use it on-site. The roof is not suitable for photovoltaic panels, but you can install them on a separate pole. Y Container China House Via Open Buildings This is a Y-shaped solar house made of 6 shipping containers, hence its name: the Y container. This shape allows residents to view the varying landscapes in different yard sections. The hot water and floor heating systems use the heat that comes from the solar thermal collector. Heat transfer is blocked through phase change and vacuum insulation materials. Fresh air supply is ensured without extra electricity consumption through a natural ventilation tunnel located in the center of the house. The design belongs to the Chinese at Tongji University who participated at the Solar Decathlon in 2011. […]

Top 15 House Designs and Architectural Styles to Ignite your Imagination

By | April 6th, 2016|Design, Home Designs|

Are you in the process of designing and building your dream home, cottage, or ranch? If so, you are probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of home designs and styles that modern residential architecture has to offer. But, never fear! Here are the top fifteen architectural styles to help you zero-in on that perfect house design to suit your personality and taste. 😉 House styles give our streets and neighborhoods a personality. Have you ever wondered, “What house style is that?” Here’s the lowdown on what is going on in American streets. Cape Cod By iDesign Arch If you ever drew a simple box house in kindergarten with a door in the middle and a window on either side that was a Cape Cod house, America’s original house style. This simple utilitarian style was useful for the gales that occasionally blew off the Atlantic Ocean onto settlers trying to live on the Massachusetts coast. If one side of the roof was extended nearly to the ground for extra space it was known as a saltbox. All the living space was on the first floor and small bedrooms for the kids were crow-barred upstairs. Cape Cods were the workhorse of 20th century tract housing. Cons: Not much space. The ideal starter home, Cape Cods were often built onto, including breezeways leading to unattached garages and carports after automobiles became a household staple. It’s important to note that in many cases it may be necessary to provide a site plan to obtain various home building permits from your city hall or township. You can turn to 24h Plans to get a custom site plan drawing prepared for your dream home in less than 24h hours by our team of experienced architects and drafters. Use our promotion code: 24hplans-20off to get a 20% discount off any package. — Please note this is a limited time offer, exclusive to the readers of our blog. This offer is not being advertised anywhere else. Colonial Revival By Antque Home Style This was the style of choice for many post-World War II suburban developers targeting young families. Colonial Revival draws its inspiration from the Georgian style of the late 1700s that was the world’s first mass-produce architectural style. A typical Georgian house was perfectly symmetrical and designed around a central hallway with five bays (windows) across and two rooms deep. Later the Federal, or Adamesque style evolved that was identical in form to the Georgian except the detail was not as heavy. For instance, entry doors of a Federal-style house would feature a sunburst transom or sidelights. Variations of the Colonial Revival style include Dutch Colonials with broad gambrel roofs that resemble barns. For those uninterested in architectural integrity Colonial Revival houses can easily be outfitted with garages, porches and additional rooms. Cons: Owning one of these bedrocks of American suburbia means you will be living in a house that looks just like everybody else’s. Greek Revival Before Greek Revival architecture flourished in America in the first half of the 19th century the country was still building houses derived from the British. After two wars with England disillusionment naturally set in and a stylistic revolt began. Builders began borrowing from the ancients for everything from state houses to baronial mansions to rowhouses. Greek Revival especially became the style of choice for Southern Plantations with the familiar temple-like front. Those familiar columns could be square or round, fluted or smooth. There are three orders of columns: Doric with no capitals, Ionic with scroll-like capitals and Corinthian with ornate carving of acanthus leaves spilling out of the top. On downtown streets Greek Revival townhomes look an awful lot like their Federal-style predecessors although the sidelights on the door are generally narrower and the transom is rectangular. Cons: This is the most formal of styles and replacing those columns can be costly. And you better like white. […]

Top 15 House Plans, Plus their Costs, and Pros & Cons of each Design

By | April 5th, 2016|Architecture, Design, Home Designs, House Design, House Plans|

Have you finally decided to build a house of your own? Well, you know it has to be perfect. After all, you’ve been dreaming about this for years! 🙂 We know, it’s always hard to decide how your house should look. There are endless possibilities. To help you narrow down your search a bit, here are top 15 house plans, designs and styles to entertain. Keep in mind that all the building costs are based on the national average and may vary considerably from one city, state or region in the US to another. Before we take a deep dive into various house designs, architecture, and styles, it’s important to note that in many cases it may be necessary to provide a site plan to obtain various home building permits from your city hall or township. You can turn to 24h Plans to get a custom site plan drawing prepared for your dream home in less than 24h hours by our team of experienced architects and drafters. Use our promotion code: 24hplans-20off to get a 20% discount off any package. — Please note this is a limited time offer, exclusive to the readers of our blog. This offer is not being advertised anywhere else. Modern style Basement plan Level 1 plan Images via Eplans This modern 1 story house has a living area of 4,600 sq. ft. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and 2 garage bays, so it’s perfect for any big family. There are some special features that sets this design apart from others: Full window walls that make the rooms look even more spacious Decorative stone pillars at the entryway A fireplace in the master suite A garden tub A recreation room A wet bar that connects the professionally designed kitchen to the vaulted dining room 11×14 ft. double garage that you can turn into a workshop The plan costs around $1600 if you don’t want to modify it, but if you want to make changes prepare to pay as much as $3000 for the AutoCAD file. You have to admit it’s a gorgeous home, but there’s a major downside too: the average U.S. cost-to-build settles at around half a million dollars. New American Style Level 1 plan Level 2 plan Basement plan Images via Eplans This design with high peaked and steeply sloped roofs actually combines the New American style with the French country style. French influences are seen in the design of the doors too. There is a certain rustic elegance about this house. Given the fact that there’s a wraparound front porch and 3 rear porches, the house is suitable for families who enjoy outdoor activities. Measuring 4,012 sq. ft., the living area includes 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and 2 garage bays. The house has 2 stories. As you enter inside you will see an informal dining area that leads to the study room. One small rear porch can be accessed directly from the master bedroom. Upstairs, you will see 3 bedrooms each with its own bathrooms. 2 of the bedrooms actually have walk-in closets. The modifiable plan costs between $1500 and $1800. The cost-to-build is anywhere between $400k and $500k. This may be a disadvantage for those looking for affordable homes. […]