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Home Floor Plan Change Costs: Kitchen Extension, New Bathroom

By | October 8th, 2018|Floor Plans, Home Additions|

If your home’s layout doesn’t meet your needs, you’ve got two good options besides moving. You can change the floor plan by remodeling the space. The second choice is creating more room with an addition. Remodeling vs. a home addition is explored throughout this guide. […]

Home Floor Plan Extension Permits and Site Plans for Building Out

By | September 21st, 2018|Floor Plans, Home Additions|

Adding living space to your home by expanding its footprint is an exciting project. But to get it done, a list of potential hurdles and obstacles must be negotiated. Here’s a step by step process and what to expect: Getting Permits: What it Takes You’ll need multiple permits for your project, as you surely know. The process begins with an application. Your local officials want to know how you intend to alter your home and whether it meets local requirements such as: […]

Custom Floor Plan Cost: 2D and 3D Floor Plans

By | May 23rd, 2018|Floor Plans|

Floor plans are produced before a home or building is constructed or when major renovations are planned. This guide discusses the purpose of a floor plan, where to have them produced and floor plan cost. What is a Floor Plan? A floor plan is a visual representation, drawn from above, to show a single floor layout in a home or commercial building. It is drawn to scale, such as 1:48 (1/4” = 1 ft.) or 1:24 (1/2” = 1 ft.) for precise planning of the layout and to understand furnishing size limitations. 3D Floor Plan Photo Render […]