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Tesla Solar Roof Cost, Current Wait Times, Other Solar Tile Options

2021-08-02T00:53:23+00:00August 1st, 2021|Energy Efficient Homes, Going Solar, Green Home Ideas, Home Energy Systems|

Tesla Solar Roof is currently on the version “V3” of its solar tile roof that was initially unveiled in 2016. Tesla’s BiPV (building integrated photovoltaics) solar tiles are made of hardened glass containing photovoltaic solar cells for energy generation. The latest iteration of the Tesla solar roof unveiled in October 2019 came with a promise [...]

Top 10 Energy-Smart Home Improvements for Extreme Weather: Costs

2021-02-28T10:31:13+00:00February 28th, 2021|Energy Efficient Homes, Green Home Ideas, Green Living, Home Energy Systems|

Now is the right time to invest in energy-smart improvements around the house to make sure it’s ready to handle things like unforeseen power disruptions due to extreme weather, snowstorms, and other “unforeseen” surprises. 😉 Your imagination and your wallet are both screaming, “Go big or go home!”. So, what are some of the major [...]