A site plan is also called a plot plan or conceptual plan. It provides a view from above to show proposed initial or additional development to a property. They’re prepared digitally and can be shared in that form or printed for display.

This guide to site plans answers questions about the purpose of a site plan, where to get a site plan and their costs based on who prepares the drawing.

Features of a Site Plan

A site plan shows proposed or completed changes to vacant land or to a property that has already been developed. Site plans can be relatively sparse in detail, very detailed or somewhere in between, depending on their purpose.

Simple site plans normally have the following details:

  • Street locations and names
  • Property boundaries with dimensions
  • Directional arrow showing North
  • Existing buildings
  • Distances of buildings and other improvements from the property lines

The engineering scale used to show how many feet of the property are represented by each inch on the drawing

Moderately detailed site plans include the above, plus the follo:

  • Driveways, parking areas and pathways
  • Large trees and bushes
  • Pool, gazebo, shed and similar improvements where present

In addition to those details, a complex site plan might show some or all of these that apply:

  • Local zoning setback requirements
  • Fences, retaining walls and similar
  • Parking spaces within the parking area
  • Pavement hatch
  • Easements
  • Greenspaces
  • Additional property information pertinent to the purpose of the site plan


When do you need a site plan or a plot plan? A few of the most common purposes are:

Dividing property: A site plan show proposed divisions of a large parcel into smaller lots for approval by the local planning officials.

Plan approval and permitting: It allows building, zoning and planning boards to review proposed changes including the construction of a home, garage, swimming pool or commercial building to determine whether they meet zoning requirements.

Building site approval: The site plan demonstrates that the proposed structures don’t violate setback requirements and encroachment on a utility easement.

Parking and access: It demonstrates that commercial buildings have adequate parking and properly designed walkways.

Sales and marketing: Property owners and managers use site plans to market properties to potential buyers and leasers.

How to Get a Site Plan

There are two main sources for site plans:

Generalists: Architects, licensed surveyors and civil engineers provide professional, high-quality drawings with guaranteed accuracy. The downside is the cost which can range from $400 to $1,200 and higher. Another concern is a potentially long turn-around time. One to three weeks is common.

Specialists: The second option is an online drafting service that specializes in site plans and similar computer-generated images (CGI). Site plans are drawn by draftsmen and CGI artists using the same software employed by architects and civil engineers.

The upside is a much lower cost and faster turnaround for a drawing of the same quality and guaranteed accuracy. Your first interaction with the online service might include filling out a quick form with property details or leaving a message for callback.

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Plot plan drawings range in cost from about $100 to more than $500 based on their complexity and whom you hire to complete the drawing.

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