Growing your own vegetables becomes more and more popular nowadays considering all the people who are against GMOs. Setting up a greenhouse can often be done by a handy DIY homeowner.

Dome greenhouse

Having a greenhouse in your own backyard (or anywhere else on your property or ranch) will allow you to grow your own food and thus make you and your family less dependent on traditional food supply approaches such as going to the supermarket for fresh groceries.

Now, what about the rest of you who don’t care about home grown food? Maybe you care about flowers.

If you want to grow plants that don’t normally grow in your area, a green house will help you do that.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on building a greenhouse. You will be surprised to see how rudimentary some designs can be.

Dome greenhouse plan

Via Northern Homestead

This structure is definitely unique and lightweight. It’s a bit complicated to build so you will probably not get it right on the first try. For that reason, you should consider hiring a professional.

The greenhouse is stable in the wind and under snow although it may not look like it. The design ensures optimal light absorption and provides enough growing ground space.

You can use untreated spruce lumber. Make sure to stain the wood before assembling the pieces to make the wood look better.  You can cover the dome with greenhouse plastic, polycarbonate, or shrink foil. You shouldn’t spend more than $300 to build the dome.

Gable roof greenhouse

Gable roof greenhouse plan

Via BuildEazy

This design is easy to build and you can buy the plan for only $5. The greenhouse measures

8 x 10 ft. and has the highest point off the ground at 8’ 6”. The wooden frame can be covered by a clear UV-resistant polyethene film or some other similar material.

There are 2 windows that open along the top of the structure. There also are 2 doors at each end of the greenhouse.

You don’t have to use expensive wood, pressure treated lumber works just fine. The positioning of the greenhouse is more important than the wood you use. Give plenty of thought to this aspect.

Plastic bottle greenhouse

Via Goods Home Design

This is an unconventional greenhouse design. As you can see, it’s made of plastic bottles. It takes about 1000 PET bottles to build a 2 x 2 m greenhouse. If you care about the environment, this is the perfect design for your yard.

It can be difficult to reach an even size, but this is easily adjusted by cutting the height of the bottles on the last row.

Take it one step further and change the shape of the structure to a round one. Once the bottles are in place, pour a bit of silicon between them to keep them together.

There are people who use PETs to build houses for others to live in so why wouldn’t you be able to make a small greenhouse for your plants?

Garage like greenhouse

Via Morning Chores

This is one of the cheapest greenhouses you can build. There are no plans needed, only plastic wrap and a few steel bars. You might need special tools to bend the bars or to clad them together.

This greenhouse design is proof that simplicity is the number one solution. It can be done at home even by people who have never built stuff before.

When you are not using the plastic cover, you fold it back and let the sun do the job. This design is called the “garage greenhouse” because it sort of looks like one.

White greenhouse

Via The Green Lever

This outdoor structure can be used as a greenhouse but also as a shed. The glass walls and door allow enough light to get in thus making it possible for you grow plants.

If you replace them with plain wood, you will obtain a perfect storage space.

If you intend to grow many climbing vegetables or to install a solar shower, pay attention to the height of the structure. You don’t want to realize at the end of the construction that the greenhouse is too small for your purposes.

Hoop-style greenhouse

Via Alberta Home Gardening

This hoop style greenhouse requires white PVC pipes that are flexible enough to bend like you see in the image. You will need a roll of plastic and lumber. Since you are building a greenhouse, you should choose a type of wood that doesn’t rot.

Luckily, treated wood does not rot easily and is also cheap. The door is attached toward the end when the plastic was already installed on the hoops.

A 12 x 32 ft. hoop-style greenhouse shouldn’t take more than $400 of your pocket and can be built in a weekend. No professionals needed if you follow the instructions provided by online tutorials.

Barn style greenhouse plan

Via Ana-White

This is a barn style greenhouse that can be turned into a shed at any time. You notice that the upper part of the structure is made of transparent rigid plastic panels allowing light to go through.

The bottom metal sheets are inexpensive as well. The wood frame won’t cost you a fortune either because you can find lumber for as little $4 per sq. ft.

A galvanized steel sheet that is 4x 4 ft.  long and 0.040” thick costs about $40. If you don’t like the plain color of the metal, you are free to paint it in whatever color you like.

Greenhouse on hay bales

Via High Mowing Seeds

Here’s another greenhouse design you can build in a few hours. All you need is a few lumber pieces and some hay bales. The bad part is that clear plastic sheets won’t be enough to cover the structure during snowy winters.

You can use framed glass or old windows to get through these periods.

A very important thing to remember when using old windows is that they might be painted with lead-based paint. This is very toxic especially for children and pregnant women. It is better to use Plexiglas or a simple polyethene cover sheet like in the picture.

Tall gable roof greenhouse

Via Gardens Web

This structure is more expensive and difficult to built because of its size and complexity. Apart from the wood needed for the framework, you also need roof tiles.

Make sure to choose light tiles for the roof because you are dealing with a relatively lightweight structure.

I mean, take a look at the walls. They’re made of a wooden framework covered by a plastic sheet. Do you think this is too rudimentary? Then replace the sheet with glass and you obtain a more beautiful but also more expensive greenhouse.

Pre-built greenhouse 1

Via Woodcraft

This is a pre-built design that costs around $10,500. Tempered glass is put onto the metal framework.

There are 3 roof windows with automatic openers as well as double sliding doors. The structure also features 2 louvre vents.

The greenhouse measures 10 xx 15 ft. with a 9 ft. high center and is shipped directly from the manufacturer. At this price, it’s obvious that you get a 15-year warranty for the frame.

Pre-built greenhouse 2

Via Woodcraft

Here’s another pre-built greenhouse available for $3,400. It covers 81 sq. ft. and offers quality strength and insulation, both of them being essential for a greenhouse.

The structure withstands powerful wind so it’s perfect for windy areas. It also resistant to snow. This way, you will be able to grow your plants regardless of how extreme the weather is outside.

The walls are made of polycarbonate that come with a 10-year warranty while the frame has a 15-year warranty. The door is lockable and there are windows on the roof and rear part of the greenhouse.

Glass greenhouse

Via DIY Home Design Ideas

At a first glance it looks like this greenhouse has no walls. You may say that the wood pieces are simply put closely together and they will fall at the slightest air current.

In fact, the walls are made of very clean glass and so is the roof. Notice a window that opens on the roof to allow fresh air in.

The door looks like one that you would put inside your house. Well, if you think about it, you are invited to turn the knob and enter the house of your plants.

Before implementing this design, think about ventilation because this is one of the most important aspects of growing plants. You have to maintain proper temperatures at all times, otherwise your plants will not grow enough or will simply die.

Greenhouse on deck

Via Sturdi Built

Although it looks like a dollhouse, this structure is actually an efficient and cheap place to grow plants.

If you are a tall person, you may want to consider building a taller structure. The form of the roof allows snow to roll down thus making the greenhouse usable in the winter.

You can use clear heart redwood to build the frame because it is rot resistant.  If you choose certain cedars or lesser grades of redwood you will probably see rotting areas because they are not as resistant.

The windows on the roof ensure proper ventilation and given the height of the structure, they can easily be opened from the outside.

Complex greenhouse design

Via H2othouse

This design involves a bigger investment than what you’ve seen earlier. The plan itself will cost you more than a couple hundred bucks.

You start by pouring the foundation and installing the plumbing and electrical facilities. Then you create the frame for the main and side rooms, the mid joists, and the cupola.

Here’s a price breakdown for the materials: foundation $1,500, framing $1,500, brick $600, trim $700, windows $6,000, electrical and plumbing $900. In total, you would pay around $10,200 for the materials.

Greenhouse with steep plastic roof

Via Irish Herbal

If you want to build this greenhouse you will need wood, plastic panels and a door. You will be able to use it all year round because of its sturdy design.

If you don’t like the plastic inclined wall, you can replace it with glass to give it a more elegant look. Paint the exterior wood walls to improve its appearance.

The roof style allows rain water and snow to fall down on the ground unlike greenhouses with flat roofs.

Greenhouse with tinted windows

Via Building Furniture Plans

This greenhouse looks beautiful and blends with the other elements of a landscape design, for example decks and patios. You notice that the glass is tinted to allow you to grow plants that don’t require direct sunlight.

The surrounding trees give you the impression that you live on a secluded island.  Your plants will be protected from outside elements and will thrive in proper conditions of humidity and warmth.

Greenhouse with old windows

Via Tree Hugger

This design costs less than $300 to build because you are using recycled and salvaged items for its construction. This is an affordable alternative to buying a pre-built greenhouse.

Why pay inflated prices when you can build your own? It doesn’t take an expert to put a few pieces of wood together and to install some old windows on the framework.

Once again, be careful about the lead paint on old windows. Don’t try to scrape it off because it can be just as hazardous and also messy. Replace them with newer windows.

Greenhouse with brick base

Via Telegraph

Here’s a fancy greenhouse that requires a bigger investment especially because you have to pour a foundation for the brick walls. The labor costs for installing the brick framework raise up to $40 per hour.

Consider installing an automatic vent opener for around $50. A cylinder of wax expands when the inside of the greenhouse is heating up. This leads to the opening of the vent.

When the temperature drops back, the cylinder shrinks and the vent is closed. This allows you to maintain proper ventilation at all times.

Greenhouse near pool

Via Alitex

This beautiful greenhouse by the pool is an important element of the overall design. The white color of the wood frame contributes a great deal to this effect.

The base brick makes the framework more secure preventing the timber from rotting at the same time. Considering that the greenhouse is positioned near the pool, minimizing rotting should be a priority. Using treated wood might help you with that.

Greenhouse with sloped roof

Via Garden Plans Free

And last, here is a simple greenhouse design with a sloped roof that allows water to fall on the ground. The 3 windows are enough to ensure ventilation.

You can fill in the gaps of the framework with wood (except for the roof; light must get in), transparent plastic or cheap glass. It all depends on what material mixes best with the landscape elements that surround the greenhouse.

You have just seen 20 greenhouse designs, some very cheap while others quite expensive. Decide how much you want to spend and get started! You will soon have a personal space to grow your own plants, fruits and vegetables!

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