Summer is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start a home improvement project. If you didn’t have enough money to buy a house with porch and patio, it’s time to make some additions.

Here are 20 porch and patio designs to choose from or to at least give you a place to start your search for the perfect porch/patio.

Wraparound porch

This porch is great for sunny areas because it gives you enough shade to chill. It also provides cover from the rain allowing you to read a book outside while watching the rain pour.

Wraparound porches are usually see on Victorian, Colonial and Vintage style houses. They can also give some depth to tall and narrow homes.

The plan costs around $150 and the building costs go as high as $25,000. This price includes only the materials you need to build the deck.

If we add the contractor’s fees, the price goes over $45,000. This should not come as a surprise taking into account the size of the porch. Lots of materials go into its building and it takes longer to finish the job.

Wraparound porchWraparound porch plan

Images via Builder House Plans

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Parallel front porch

This is perhaps the most common type of porch and it’s seen all over the US. It costs less than $20,000 to build and it highly increases the curb appeal of the house. This is particularly important if you want to sell it in the future.

If you want to fit some small chairs and a table, remember that the porch should be at least 8 feet wide. The plan costs $130.

Parallel front porch

By mallgirl316

Parallel front porch plan

Image via Simply Additions

Screened porch with a gable roof

This plan costs $130 and the cost to build is $6500 provided that you do the work yourself. If you want to save a few hundreds of dollars you can use substituted treated decking instead of cedar.

This design is spacious and the glass walls allow you to feel like you are outside. You can dine, read, and hang-out with your friends when the weather doesn’t allow you to go outside.

Screened porch with gable roof

Screened porch with gable roof plan

Images via Family Handyman

Screened Porch with a Shed Roof

This design is more suitable for smaller houses. The nets make it an insect free zone which is live saving during hot summer nights. A 4/12 pitch roof is attached to the roof of your house. The plan costs $70 and the cost-to-build for a 12 ft. x 16 ft. screened porch with shed roof is $13,000.

Screened porch with shed roof

Screened porch with shed roof plan

Images via Family Home Plans

Gazebo shaped porch

This is a very stylish design that definitely gives a facelift to an old and boring house. Expect to pay at least $15,000 for this type of porch, but it’s worth the price.

How many houses did you see featuring this type of porch?

None or very few. This makes it a unique design that increases the value of the house. The disadvantage is that the porch is not protected from the rain at all. The plan is very cheap, only $20.

Gazebo porch

Image via Family Home Plans

Small front porch with wrought iron railings

The iron railings give an imposing feel to this porch design. It is true that the porch is small and you can’t fit much furniture in there, only 2 chairs on either side of the door.

The plan doesn’t cost more than $50 given its size and simplicity. The steps and the floor are made of bricks, which speaks of the durability of the porch. The usage of bricks increases the price of the porch up to $4000.

Small front porch with iron railings

Image via Heritage Iron and Decor

On grade patio

This design shows how elements should be arranged on a patio to leave enough room for circulation.

The shape is rectangular which makes it easy to build. It is big enough to fit plants, chaises and a 6-person table. Measuring about 700 sq. ft., a patio of this size takes about $15,000 to build.

On grade patio

On grade patio plan

Images via Landscaping Network

Split level decks

In this design, there is a patio and a deck connected through a few steps. The deck is in turn connected to the house veranda.

As you have probably guessed, this design is expensive due to its complexity and size. If you have a big yard, installing split level decks would highly increase the price of the property and would make your neighbors jealous.

The deck costs about $2000 whereas the installation of a 200 sq. ft. patio with brick pavers costs about $3000. The plan for both of the structures does not go over $100.

Split level decks

Split level decks plan

Images via Landscaping Network

Free form patio with soft edges

A free-form patio comes in many sizes but this particular design is a large one. There is a pergola in the middle to shelter you from direct sunlight. The patio is made of concrete which is moderately expensive: approximately $6 – $10 per sq. ft. For example, a 16 ft. x 18. ft. living room patio that is meant to be a relaxation oasis costs about $2,500 to build. Concrete is incredibly versatile and easily to install and maintain although cracks appear after a few years.

Free form patio

Image via Concrete Network

Patio design with pergola

A 415 sq. ft. paver patio with a cedar pergola having stone wrapped posts costs about $13,000 to build. The price of the plan is included.  As you see there is a special place for a barbecue grill making this the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon.

Patio design with pergola

Patio design with pergola plan

Image via Schneider’s Landscaping

Paver patio with fire pit

This is a smaller patio with a cozy element: a fire pit. There are several types of fire pits depending on the fuel: gas, wood or charcoal.

A small fire pit costs $50 – $250 while a bigger one goes as high as $500. The material used is paver. The average price for paver is $10 per sq. ft. This 335 sq. ft. patio costs around $8000 to be installed and the price of the plan is included. The seating walls with columns certainly give your yard a stylish vibe.

Patio design with fire pit

Patio design with fire pit plan

Image via Schneider’s Landscaping

Brick patio

Here’s another small patio measuring 290 sq. ft. It is made of bricks and a paver circle that’s half surrounded by sitting walls with stone columns. There is a special paver pad for a grill.

The cost-to-build is somewhere around $6,500. The cost of brick is lower than the one of stone. Your children will love playing outside while you work on your laptop or read a good book.

Brick patio

Brick patio plan

Image via Schneider’s Landscaping

Patio with circle pavers

This patio is great for a small party. 4 people can sit in the left circle, let’s say the men drinking beer and taking care of the BBQ grill, whereas the women can stay under the umbrella catching up on the latest gossip. The patio measures 414 sq. ft. and costs $6,500 to install.

Patio design with circle pavers

Patio design with circle pavers plan

Image via Schneider’s Landscaping

Raised patio

Do you already picture yourself going down those steps with a glass of wine under a clear night’s sky? Do it now and you will understand what we’re talking about.

This design is more functional and beautiful than a deck. The elevation gives it a certain beauty and you can easily place a table with 6 chairs in there. It’s quite expensive though considering all the stone used to create the elevation. The price is $8 – $12 per sq. ft. of stone.

Raised patio plan

Raised patio

Images via Hardscape STL

Patio with hot tub area

If you have $10,000 to spare, this design is worth the money. You have your own Jacuzzi in the backyard. The stone seat walls can be made as high as you want to give you privacy (the price increases though because you need more stone).

There is a dining area and a small coffee table with 3 chairs where you can smoke a cigarette with your friends. The patio measures 433 sq. ft.

Patio with hot tub area

Patio with hot tub area plan

Images via Schneider’s Landscaping

Round and square patio

Do you consider yourself a rebellious personality who wants to do things in an original way? Here’s a suggestion: how about you combine a round patio with a square one? The square leads to the circle. A 21’’ high seat wall that ends with boulders frames the design very nicely.

You have space for a fountain and a few chairs. The patio in the image below measures 19 ft. x 14 ft. The cost to build this design is a bit under $5000.

Round and square patio

Image via Landscape Design Advice

Wooden garden patio with gazebo

If you have a huge garden with lots of trees and plants that make you feel you live in a forest, this patio with a wooden gazebo will add some style to the wilderness.

The flower pots hanging in there beautifully complete the design while the chaises invite you to lie down.

The gazebo alone costs around $1000. If we take into account the 2-level wooden patio, you would pay anywhere between $6 and $15 per sq. ft.

Wooden garden patio with gazebo

Image via Dndon

Small wooden garden patio

Here’s another design that makes us think we are in a jungle. All the green stuff aside, you are seeing a simple small patio made of wood with a corner bench and a small table.

There is enough place for 2 chaises where you can lie with a glass of margarita in one hand and a magazine in the other.

There is no doubt this patio should be part of any modern home in sunny areas that allow you to grow such beautiful flora. If you keep the number of sq. ft. low, you could build this with less than $3,000.

Small wooden garden patio

Image via Spring Wood Paper

Combination of deck and patio

You think a simple patio doesn’t cut it, how about you add a deck? Eat on the deck and place a swing on the patio under the gable roof to enjoy the silence of the night and the sound of the rain with a cup of hot chocolate to warm your hands in the cold season.

The deck plan costs around $80 and the patio plan costs as little as $30 (it’s a quite small patio as you see and there’s no furniture in the picture). The roof however, well.. you should get ready to pay an extra $800 for the roof and supporting columns.

Patio and deck combo

Image via Columbus Decks

A patio + screened porch + deck combo

This design really has it all: a rustic screened porch, a second story double deck and a paver patio on the ground. Is is raining? Stay inside and watch it pour.

Do you want to eat outside? Sit at the table on the deck and enjoy your meal while watching the sunrise. Do you have kids who want to play outside? Let them do so on the patio in front of the deck. You will be able to supervise them from the table upstairs.  You can’t deny there is a certain fluidity about this design.

The average price for a second story double deck is $50 per sq. ft. while the paver patio costs $15 per sq. ft. on average.

The screened porch can be built with $5000 if you use wood. The plan for the screened porch costs $130, the patio plan costs about $50 and the double deck plan should be around $150.

Deck and patio

Screened porch and deck

Image via Columbus Decks

Were these 20 designs enough to let your imagination roam free? We certainly hope so! 😉 We can’t wait to hear your comments and thoughts on these design and ideas!

Take-home tip: always ask for several quotes before settling for a contractor.

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