New Driveway Site Plans, Permits, and Easements – Step by Step Guide

Planning a new driveway is a more complex project than many homeowners expect. New Driveway Construction Site Plan example via Calvino Architects This driveway planning guide explains how to get a driveway permit, select the best driveway for your home and find a qualified contractor to install it. Note: If your property is part of [...]

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Water Well Drilling: Site Plans and Permits – What to Expect?

This guide will walk you through getting the necessary approvals and drafting a site plan for obtaining a permit to drill a well. Residential Well Drilling Site Plan Example Water well costs are included for site evaluations, permits, drilling and connecting the well to a home or building. There’s a [...]

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Rendered Site Plan Cost: Licensed Survey vs. Online Plot Plans

A site plan is also called a plot plan or conceptual plan. It provides a view from above to show proposed initial or additional development to a property. They’re prepared digitally and can be shared in that form or printed for display. This guide to site plans answers questions about the purpose of a site [...]

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Top 12 Things to Include in your Plot Plan

Plot plans are used for zoning, permitting, marketing, real estate transactions, and informational purposes, and details included in a plot plan will differ based on the intended use. That said, all plot plans aka site plans should include these 12 essential features: Property Boundaries Property lines with dimensions give the viewer an understanding of the scope [...]

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Real Estate Marketing Plans Cost – Do You Need a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

A visual representation of a home, commercial property or development is a critical piece of a complete marketing package. It allows potential buyers and lessees to see what’s taking shape before it is completed or to keep new and existing properties fresh in mind as they browse their other options. These drawings are called real [...]

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Custom Floor Plan Cost: 2D and 3D Floor Plans

Floor plans are produced before a home or building is constructed or when major renovations are planned. This guide discusses the purpose of a floor plan, where to have them produced and floor plan cost. What is a Floor Plan? A floor plan is a visual representation, drawn from above, to show a single floor [...]

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What is a Site Plan? 12 Elements of a Smart Plot Plan, Plus a Floor Plan vs. a Site Plan — What’s the Difference?

Home and property improvements can result in significant changes to your residence and outdoor space including landscaping and backyard. Whether you do the work yourself or hire an architect, builder, or a contractor, the desired change to your property normally starts with a plan. And part of that plan is knowing the existing territory and [...]

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