How to get approval for your HOA or Condo Renovation – HOA Site Plans

Would you like to renovate your condo or home? There are two hurdles right out of the gate: Follow the rules outlined in the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Reviews). It is the legal document spelling out what changes you can make to your condo or house (site condo). Follow HOA guidelines for submitting a proposal, [...]

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Pella vs. Marvin Windows Cost – New Construction & Replacement Windows

Pella windows are produced in an impressive array of materials and styles, with prices that range from affordable to premium. Marvin fills a niche with wood windows that combine quality, selection and competitive pricing in the upscale range. Marvin also makes fiberglass windows that compete with Pella, but Marvin doesn’t offer any vinyl windows. Did [...]

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Top 15 House Plans, Plus their Costs, and Pros & Cons of Each Design

Have you finally decided to build a house of your own? Well, you know it has to be perfect. After all, you’ve been dreaming about this for years! 🙂 We know, it’s always hard to decide how your house should look. There are endless possibilities. So, to help you narrow down your search a bit, [...]

Top 10 Exterior Home Upgrades that Require a Site Plan to Obtain a Building Permit

Major exterior remodeling upgrades such as building a new deck, adding a sun room or reshaping the landscape architecture on your property are exciting and fun, but these projects can go a lot smoother if you have a solid plan in place before any work is done. In many municipal districts i.e. local cities and [...]

How to Build and Place a Simple Shed on your Property – DIY Guide

A storage shed is a convenient way to reduce clutter in your home, reserve your garage for vehicles and save thousands of dollars in storage rental fees. Plus, your extra items will be close at hand rather than across town in a storage unit. There are normally 10 sequential steps you will need to complete [...]

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Top 15 Deck Designs Ideas and their Costs

Building a deck expands your living space outdoors. Just think about all the parties you will throw and all the quiet nights you will spend hanging out with your friends and family on your beautifully-designed and well-built deck! 😉 Here are 15 great examples of deck styles to get your wheels turning. We will also [...]

Inground Sprinkler Systems Costs in 2021, Plus Pros & Cons – The Ultimate Guide

You’ve got many different options for watering your landscape and garden. In fact, irrigation systems range from inexpensive manual methods to fully automated in-ground sprinkler systems you can set and forget. Water-conserving irrigation systems are available, too. This guide to lawn sprinklers assesses each option including installation methods, costs, and pros and cons. When it [...]

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Adding a New Driveway: Cost, Types of Driveways, Planning

A new driveway adds convenience and curb appeal to any home. This driveway installation guide discusses the four most popular material options. It will help you design your drive and stay within budget. New driveway installation 1. Driveway dimensional requirements 2. Tips on driveway design 3. Driveway site planning and permits 4. Material [...]

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How to Build a Custom Home: Step by Step Guide

Building a house tailored to your vision of what a home should be won’t be as intimidating when you understand the process, plan thoroughly and enlist experienced professionals. This step-by-step guide to custom home building walks you through the process from planning your dream home to moving in! The guide begins with an outline and [...]

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